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The AEA is a non-profit organization dedicated to a cappella singing. Created by the industry’s leading contemporary vocal educators, our mission is to support the creation and development of a cappella groups, programs, and curricula across the country.

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We’ll help make you an expert in contemporary a cappella education.

We know firsthand what it’s like to exit a conservatory program and have the grand idea to start a contemporary a cappella group. Whether you don’t know where to begin or where to go next, our experts are here to help! We’ll challenge you with  discussions in our Facebook group, encourage you with weekly blog content, and support you with experienced educators to answer any of your burning questions. 


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Whether you’re running the only group in your state or you are lost in a sea of big fish, you’ll find the supportive network you need at the AEA.

If we learn anything as educators, it’s the power of teamwork and collaboration. Being a part of the AEA gives you access to hundreds of other educators going through the exact same challenges you are! Bounce ideas off one another, borrow strategies, and find your new a cappella BFF to grow alongside. Not sure where to start?

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You’ve got a vision, and we’ve got the tools you need to make it happen.

If you’ve decided to take on the project of building an a cappella group, chances are this isn’t the first time you’ve dreamed big. Like us, we’re sure you have lofty goals and big dreams – you just need an outline of the steps you need to get there. AEA experts and fellow members have been exactly where you are AND exactly where you want to be, and we know just the things to check off to help you get there. 


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The Frizzell Method: 5 Steps To A Cappella Success

ccThis article was written by J.D. Frizzell, president of the A Cappella Education Association. Learn more at jdfrizzell.com. Over the years, I have developed my own unique way to rehearse contemporary a cappella groups. As the director of OneVoice from Briarcrest...

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How to Teach Ensemble Pop Singing

Image: The Melismatics from Lehigh University, via thebrownandwhite.com. Imagine you’re a classically trained singer and educator taking on the responsibility of teaching vocal students and directing vocal performance groups - but they’re all singing popular music,...

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Rehearsing with Your Vocal Percussionist

Let’s say you’re teaching a new high school a cappella group that wants to perform pop music. They’re energetic, passionate, and ready to learn. They’re developing a solid blend, picking up on their voice parts quickly, and performing with nuance and emotion....

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Exclusive A Cappella Instruction

Members of the AEA have access to exclusive events, webinars, content, and more!

While anyone is able to join our Facebook group and access our blog content, the most ambitious directors are AEA members. Take a look at the content you’d be able to access with your membership – starting at just $39/year!

A Cappella Rehearsal Technique

How can I have more effective rehearsals? What strategies work for other people?

Live Sound How-To

Help! How do I run sound for my group’s concert? What gear should I buy for my auditorium?

Teaching VP and Belting

How do I teach VP if I can’t do it myself? Is there actually a proper pedagogy for belting? We’ve got the answers.

Visuals and Choreography

What is effective choreo? How much movement is too much? What’s the right movement for my group?

Fundraising and Gigging

Everything we want to do costs money! How are other groups doing it? How do we get paid to perform?

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