In the last ten years, a cappella’s popularity has skyrocketed with younger generations. Not only are they listening to it – high school and middle school a cappella groups are bringing together some of the nation’s best budding talent to sing in harmony. Now a teacher named Lisa Marien is bringing her skills to the next generation in at Nathan Hale Arts Magnet School in New London, CT. 

Check out Nathan Hale A Cappella’s performance of Pentatonix’s “Sing”!

Lisa didn’t start as an expert in teaching a cappella – she started as someone with a love for vocal music and a desire to bring it to her students. With 30 years of teaching experience under her belt, she found the tools she needed through working with a cappella experts and organizations like the A Cappella Education Association. Now in her second year of teaching a cappella, she’s found a way to engage her students in an incredibly rewarding musical experience.

On Friday, January 19, at 7 pm Eastern Time, we’ll be going live on the A Cappella Education Association Facebook page with Lisa Marien, talking all about elementary school a cappella. You don’t want to miss this – go like our Facebook page now to watch the livestream on Friday!

Do YOU want to bring a cappella to your elementary school? If so, this is the right place to start! We worked with Lisa to put together a PDF that goes over arranging, song selection, performance, education techniques, and more! You can access this PDF, along with many more a cappella resources, by joining the AEA today!

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