Passionate About Contemporary A Cappella

The AEA is committed to the creation, proliferation, & development of a cappella groups, programs, and curricula across America through pedagogical guidance, musical resources, networking opportunities, and collaborative support.  A tax exempt public charity, classified 501(c)(3) by the IRS.

The Board

At the head of the AEA are the community’s best and brightest educators. 

 Whether they’re teaching their own ensembles, leading honor choirs, or spearheading projects like Camp A Cappella and June, these folks are here to help! They are the minds behind dozens of projects pushing forward a cappella as we know it, and happen to be award-winning music educators to boot. 

JD Frizzell


Matthew Swope


Ben Spalding

Education Coordinator

Brody McDonald

Vice President

John DeFerraro


Nikisha Williams

AEA National Board Member

Deke Sharon


Dr. Erin Hackel


Chris Crawford


Brad Rees


Dave Sperandio


Ly Wilder


Ed Boyer


Bill Hare


Our Marketing Team

AJ Marino

AJ Marino

Memberships Director

Amy Malkoff

Amy Malkoff

Marketing Director

Addison Horner

Addison Horner

Content Director

Our Sponsors

We couldn’t do everything the AEA does without the help of our amazing sponsors!

The Vocal Company

Our goal here is to help get both you and your group find your Next Level. We know that everyone has different goals and dreams.  We want to give talented, dedicated a cappella groups like yours the extra boost that sells albums, wins awards, generates worldwide hype, and sells out performances.  Our offerings and services are designed to take what WE do and help make you better at what YOU do.

Viridian Productions

Viridian Productions records, edits, produces, and mixes vocal, electronic, and pop music.
We educate musicians on production and vocal techniques through coaching and instruction. We encourage human connection through singing, playing, and performing music.
Music is a universal language, and it is our passion to collaborate and communicate through that medium.

Clear Harmonies

Clear Harmonies is  owned and operated by Charlie Friday and Amanda Cornaglia.  Together they pull from over 30 years of experience in a cappella at every level – scholastic, post-collegiate, and professional. They have teamed up with an amazing staff of professional musicians that share their enthusiasm and passion for a cappella.

Vocal Mastering

Vocal Mastering is the finishing station for your recordings, adding the punchy, clear, musical, and award-winning final polish to Make Your Music Sing. Trusted by countless producers around the world, Vocal Mastering helps your music sound as sound as good as possible, in every listening environment.

Bob Rogers Travel

Bob Rogers Travel has perfected the art of educational and performance travel. Founded by an educator in 1981 and family owned and operated to this day, we’re singularly focused on the service and experience you deserve. At BRT, there is no such thing as an “off the shelf” tour – our team of former educators, musicians and travel industry professionals will personalize every detail and make it easy for you to deliver a meaningful experience for your students. Contact us today to begin building your perfect trip.

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